The EcoVision

Disposal and processing of waste has become more and more regulated. Stakeholders and legislation require sustainable waste management. Reducing CO2 emissions and limiting the use of raw materials is currently a “must” for any self-respecting company, governmentagency or municipality. Not only is legislation and the public opinion becoming more distinct on matters concerning the environment, when it concerns health, safety and factors like hygiene the bar is -rightfully so- also raised.

Our products offer a solution to all of these issues. For example, separate collection of waste is sometimes not possible due to limitation of space, available for storage. Our innovative pressing technology increases the storage capacity for waste by at least a factor 5. Imagine the possibilities! And don’t forget, separating waste does not only reduce environmental impact, it is often cheaper! Compacting waste also means less transportation, so less CO2 emissions. Simple and effective! We offer solutions for many practical problems, but are happy to customize if your specific situation requires such.

Have a look at our products and see if we could provide a solution for your problems. Our products are: