EcoGreenpoint is a unique system for the underground storage of food waste from restaurants. The system consists of a disposal unit (table) that is placed directly in the kitchen and/or area designated for emptying plates. The table is connected via a unique vacuum extraction system to an underground tank. The table can be placed standalone or be fully integrated in your (dishwashing) kitchen.

All you have to do is make sure that residues of food are disposed in the funnel that is built in the table. Close the lid. Push the button and the unique extracting system operating under vacuum transports the waste within 10 seconds to the tank. It’s as simple as that. The hassle of smelly, heavy and sometimes even dripping food waste containers is a relic from the passed. No more container cleaning. And the system is in line with HACCP requirements!

The accumulated food waste in the container is removed using a tanker truck. We can organize this for you at a competitive price and following all legislative requirements. If desired we can combine the emptying of the food waste container with emptying and cleaning of the grease separator.