The underground EcoPack

Bigger and better. EcoVision has taken the techniques from the EcoCassette and the underground EcoPers I & III and combined best of both worlds to create an even larger self compressing underground waste container: the EcoPack.

The EcoPack has a volume of 6 cubic metres. Standard the container is equipped with an installation to empty 120 to 360 litre 2-weel containers. It is optional to equip the container with an installation to empty up to 660 litre 4-weel containers.

In developing the EcoPack, experiences, wishes and demands from clients were used to produce a container that not only fulfils a need for larger underground containers but meets the increasing customer demands as well. Its size combined with the used, compressing technology, gives this container a capacity of at least 30 cubic meters of compressed waste depending on the type of waste that goes into the container. And all of that waste is collected by one truck. Think of the logistic savings!

The concert hall in Amsterdam was our first client for the EcoPack. This monumental building deserves to be the focus of attention. Thanks to the EcoPack it still is. Because collecting the EcoPack is quick, easy and safe as our time lapse below shows, the pressing technology combined with the measurements of the container minimize the number of transports and handling in front of your building to an absolute minimum.