EcoPers I

The EcoPers I is a self compacting underground waste container that is very suitable to be placed in new locations. The advantage of this container type is that it is absolutely water-resistant up to ground level reducing water entry into the container and thereby minimise risk of rot and odour nuisance that is associated to rot. This advantage is achieved by the design of the container allowing the container only to be emptied via the top of the container. The container is suitable for collection of various waste streams such as residual waste, paper and specific streams like incontinence material. It is a truly unique product on the Dutch market.

  • Capacity of at least 15 m3 of waste in a 3 m3 container.
  • Full containers are substituted for empty ones
  • Emptied via the top of the container

The advantages?

  • Logistical savings
  • Full containers are substituted for empty and clean containers
  • Several waste stream collected seperately with one transportation vehicle
  • High and proven quality
  • Minimal sound polution
  • No littering