EcoVision can advice you on the most efficient method of waste collecting suitable for your organisation. An assessment of the current situation is made, including used work methods of your organisation, current infrastructure and waste streams coming out of your business. Combining these factors and subsequently looking at the best solutions not only from an environmental but also economic viewpoint. You will be amazed at the improvements we can make to most current situations.

EcoVision has developed efficient, environmental and cost saving waste collection methods. Of course we work closely with our sistercompanies from Shanks Nederland in order to offer you state of the art recycling possibilities for your waste. And the best thing is that we can organize all this for you through one stop shopping.

Were customized solutions are desired we are happy to design these for you. Do you need technical drawings? Help in getting the necessary permits? We can be of assistance. Additionally we have a professional installation service and can offer 24/7 service engineers.

Above or beneath the surface? You choose!