In many buildings designers did not calculate enough storage capacity for waste. A lot of companies have difficulties is storing waste in a safe and clean manner, let alone have several different containers for separating waste streams. Sounds familiar? Then the EcoCassette might also be the solution for you. As the EcoCassette is equipped with an ingenious waste compacting system the container that has a volume of 3 m3, has a total capacity of at least 15 m3 depending on the type of waste.
The EcoCassette is not emptied on site but is replaced by a clean and empty one. The advantage? No handling of waste at your doorstep, reducing the possibility of litter and odour pollution. Even better, you always have a clean and checked container at your disposal.

The EcoCasssette is a compact and mobile container. As we have designed various devices like the EcoMover, EcoPuller en EcoTransponder, that aid us in the transportation of the EcoCassette, it is suitable to be placed in hard to reach areas like parking garages. Inside as well as outside. We are happy to give you a demonstration!
The EcoCassette can be made suitable for the collection of various waste streams like residual waste, paper and even construction and demolition waste. This allows many companies to collect waste in separate streams even when the storage facility for waste is limited.

The EcoCassette can be placed practically everywere:

  • Freestanding in the open air
  • inside buildings, for instance in a parking garage
  • In a custom built and designed structure fitting your corperate image